19 May 2014

tea rose quilt

This is the quilt that started me on my quilting journey, if you don't count the blue hexagon patchwork that i started when i was fourteen and my mother ended up finishing for me when my eldest son was five years old, and which frankly is kind of hideous.

I collected fabrics for this quilt for ten years (i know, i know ...) always holding the idea in my head of a faded dipped-in-tea overblown roses kind of aesthetic. In fact one of the fabrics turned out to have too bright a white background and i did actually overdye it with old teabags, so the name of the finished quilt is fitting really.

I think of several people with immense affection and gratitude when i snuggle under this quilt. My darling friend Sue, who took jetlagged me to several quilt shops in Seattle when i visited her in 2002 and helped me add to my fabric collection. Jane, who upon hearing i was a hesitant beginner quilter who was intimidated by scary Quilting Rules, sent me her first book and encouraged me to dive in and ignore the rules, and then when i still hadn't finished, sent me her second book, pictured above. And Meredithe, master quilter extraordinaire, who very patiently showed me the ropes of handquilting one sunny afternoon at Sewjourn.

I've procrastinated blogging about this quilt because it is so truly gorgeous that it deserves the bringing out of the big photographic guns to do it justice (ie not just my phone) but the opportunities to do so have been few and far between and I just need to put it up here for the record. And of course the show-off factor. So, apologies for the iPhone photos if you're viewing this on a big screen. Just squint a bit and imagine glorious olde worlde late-afternoon-light rosy photographs instead.

12 May 2014

Me Made May

I've watched Me Made May from the sidelines the past couple of years, but this year, almost at the last minute, i jumped in. I have pledged to wear at least one me-made item every day in May, and am using it to identify gaps in my handmade wardrobe. So far, that translates to i am great at summery tops but need more cold weather wear. I also need weekend wear - specifically bottoms - as i'm tired of wearing jeans every weekend. I don't look good in jeans (short legs + childbearing hips = dumpy potato). However i like the non-ironing component of wearing jeans and so i channelled my inner bogan and sewed a denim skirt, and wore it on Sunday. Go me. The other thing is that i need dresses. Skirts, check. Tops, check. Cardigans, check. Dresses, not so much.

So, dresses, particularly winter dresses. And maybe some pants and warm tops.

I'm logging it daily over on Instagram, together with never ending photographs of pretty leaves because hello Melbourne autumn, but here are some for your viewing pleasure.*

Bonus autumn.

Bonus Burmeses. Look at the body language. Little One, leaning in: I love you! I look up to you! I worship your whiskers! Big One: Really, do we have to do this? Can I go now?

* i saw my blog on a computer-size screen the other day instead of just on the iPad and was shocked at the quality of the photos when they're that big. Those iPhone photos look fine on a phone or iPad screen. Apologies! I really should get back to using the Big Black camera but i can't go past the portability of my phone.