16 July 2012

tales from the past



Idaho still haunts my dreams after all these years. I spent a precious, formative year here, thirty years ago.

At the end of that year I nearly stayed. I wanted to stay; I almost did, but home called to me and now I only return here as a visitor. It was the right decision but it's bittersweet.

The what-ifs.

The maybes.

The road not taken.

7 July 2012

NYC from the iPhone

Buvette, West Village


Iced green tea latte, in hipster Brooklyn. Where else.

Breakfast prep

A blackbird over the mantel


Chrysler building

Post museum chilling in NYC

More when my head clears.

It's 37C today! It's been a wonderful, exhausting, exhilarating week. Today we fly to Seattle for part deux.

3 July 2012

The wifi is really fast in Harlem

I am on the other side of the world. It is hot. I missed a fairly crucial connecting flight (along with a dozen or so others on the same flight) due to long queues in Customs in LA and a storm in Houston, and to hang about in LA, sleep deprived and faintly smelly, then catch an overnight flight to NYC, ie ANOTHER night without sleep. One can go a surprising length of time without sleep, oi. And why can one's luggage make it onto a flight but one's person seemingly cannot? Hmmm?

Never mind I am here now! Did I mention it's hot? No hotter than an Australian summer but a bit of a shock when one comes from winter straight into a summer without the benefit of a fickle but helpfully transitional Spring.

So much to tell. But no photos until I get back as I don't have a computer with me. Harlem rocks, especially on a Sunday morning with all those gospel choirs on every corner. Central Park is deliciously green and cool in the shade, and enormous. Like, really rather enormous. I saw a blackbird there and today I saw two squirrels in Madison Square park and Sue nearly wet herself laughing at my squeals of delight and attempts to catch them on camera. She's skyping with her family as I type this and just about wetting herself all over again as she describes my squirrel-induced hysterics.

I can't quite process or articulate the experience of meeting blackbird after so many years but suffice to say it was strange and wonderful and familiar all at the same time. The day after next I shall sleep on her couch so I imagine it will cease being strange and just be wonderful and familiar.

Today was the flatiron building and the empire state building and the subway and the statue of liberty and the subway and Soho and skyping with our children and partners and mango and street food and blisters from all the walking and walking and the Village and weirdly flavoured cupcakes and scrumptious yarn from Purl Soho and did I mention it's hot?

As I type here in Harlem I can hear the whirr of the air conditioner (at 11pm), traffic, horns, voices, Skyping and the occasional rogue firework being let off. Probably illegally.