14 December 2011

around the house

I see a little silhouette

already rumpled

eucalyptus leaf with blanket stitch

Thanks to those who entered the knitting book giveaway; we have a winner! Duchess-declutter, your name came out of the hat. Would you care to send me an email at suseinthesoup[at]gmail[dot]com and I will pop your book in the mail.

8 December 2011

2012 calendar

2012 calendar!

Yes, it's the annual pea soup calendar, available for purchase (or you can just gawk, but I'd love it if you purchased too) here.

According to the site, they can still guarantee pre-Christmas delivery if you order before the 17th of December. It would make a lovely gift for that awkward-to-buy-for great aunt, or, you know, it might even look pretty on your own kitchen wall.

Also, there's still time to enter the knitting book giveaway. I'll be drawing that at the end of the weekend (Melbourne time) so go to it.

7 December 2011

shaelyn ii

I made the lovely Shaelyn shawl again, as a birthday gift. One day I will make one of these for mine own self. This one is for an old friend who I've known since we were 16 and in high school together, who from now on is facing her birthdays without her identical twin.

Shaelyn shawl
every time I see this photo I think lopsided nipples, what's with that?

Shaelyn shawl

Shaelyn shawl

Shaelyn shawl

Shaelyn shawl

Shaelyn shawl

Shaelyn shawl

This version was made from bamboo yarn as the recipient has a wool allergy and the bamboo gives the finished shawl a lovely drape and subtle sheen. I hope this little knitted hug brings her some small comfort.

Further details and the opportunity to click on that lovely little heart button here.

4 December 2011

second light

Second Sunday of Advent

The second light of Advent
It is the light of plants
Plants reach up to the sun
And in the breezes, dance.

3 December 2011

knitteries and treats

luna park

I made the long and arduous trek to St Kilda recently to meet up with the lovely Mary (who had made a slightly longer and more arduous trek on Jetstar), have a quick dinner, drink, catch up and see Eddie Izzard. What a splendid, splendid evening; I laughed until my face ached. Also I proudly pointed out to Mary the grassy knoll in front of Luna Park where I went into labour for the first time in my life nearly eighteen years ago. She nodded dutifully and appeared appropriately impressed.


Awkward and unrelated segue ...

In other news entirely, the postman was kind to me a while ago and I've been remiss in not posting this.

Knitting Beyond the Edge, by Nicky Epstein

Nicky Epstein, guru of the fancy flowers and nifty stitches, has put together an invaluable (and beautifully photographed) book of every kind of possible finish for for a knitted edge (eg. collar, hem, cuff) that you could think of - tassels, braids, cables, bobbles, picots, designs both floral and geometric. And the good folk at Soho publishing have sent me a book to give away to one of you, you lucky lucky people.

You know the drill. Leave a comment if you would like a copy and I'll come back next weekend and pick a winner out of the virtual hat. Good luck!