21 March 2010

this is where you weigh in

Our lime tree is groaning right now.

a surfeit of limes

I've made a batch of lime butter, which looks just like lemon butter except for the disconcerting green floaty bits from the grated lime rind.

I've given a dozen to a friend, who gave me a bag of tomatoes in return (which are now in the freezer, in the form of several containers worth of passata thankyouverymuchdarl).

I've drunk several large gin and tonics with slices of lime.

I've cut my finger and squealed when the lime juice got in.

The tree has more limes on it than ever.

I.am.out.of.ideas. Help needed.

It's rather hrad typing with a bandaid on one fnger.

15 March 2010

autumn sewing

spindle dress

Another 'Spindle' dress from the Ottobre pattern, made from a lightweight Ikea cotton. Acorns! I do love acorns.

new skirt

Some more skirts, suitable for both work and casual wear. I think the leaves on this skirt would work well as embroidery patterns. (Insert cunning plan here).

new skirt

This one reminds me of seaweed. I received lots of compliments last week when I wore it to work with black leggins, black long sleeve tee and one of my few 'proper pieces' of clothing - a Country Road black riding jacket that I spent half a week's wages on over twenty years ago and still wear today. It's true what they say about quality. Sadly these days half a week's wages is usually earmarked for more prosaic things like the mortgage. Good thing Ikea sells fabric for tuppence a metre.

Edited to add: the pattern for the skirt is Burda 8879, and the Spindle dress is from Ottobre magazine Spring/Summer 2009. The Ikea fabric wears beautifully so far.

10 March 2010

vorry Fronsh

french cardi

I feel vorry Fronsh when I wear this little cropped cardigan. It's a pattern from La Droguerie, and when I put it on for the first time yesterday I had an urgent need to light up a Gauloise and break into some tragic Edith Piaf song.

French blue cardigan

Dead easy to knit, it's constructed in one piece from side to side, entirely in garter stitch and with a short rows neckline. I've already cast on for one in charcoal grey. Tres BCBG, non?


Edited to add: English versions of this pattern can be purchased here and here or obtained free from here.

ps. Thank you for all your birthday wishes. You are the best.

8 March 2010


morning light in the family room

woken :: (fashionably late) with french toast and a cup of tea, in bed

presented :: with homemade cards and beautiful gifts

lunched :: at a fabulous restaurant

wandered :: around the NGV looking at works by Monet, Mueck, Picasso et al

finished :: the day with chocolate cake and candles. and ... a cold.


4 March 2010

thoughts from Thursday evening



From the spinning wheel in the last couple of weeks. Two skeins spun from my hand dyed roving.

This week I'm spinning natural alpaca, straight from the animal. Well, not as in the alpaca is standing beside me as I spin, drawing out his fleece for me politely, but as in the fleece is freshly shorn, still full of dirt and bits of grass and is oh so very soft.

Semester started this week so I am knee deep in medieval manuscripts once again. This time our lectures are held in an ancient lecture theatre that is classified by the National Trust, which is kind of appropriate and certainly atmospheric. Unbelievably uncomfortable though, those steeply raked elderly wooden seats.

In other news I have an urgent longing to make soap. Why does my brain torment me thus? Why?!

2 March 2010

doggie style

new dog cushion covers

Two new enormous floor cushion covers for the dog's bed.

Ikea fabric, lovingly sewn to match the dog. Two weeks old and already filthy.

PS. Thanks for the birthday wishes in advance. Thanks also for the restaurant recommendations!